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Contact OSU Police

To Report an Emergency: dial 9-1-1
General Non-emergency: 614-292-2121
Note: If calling from a campus phone, only dial the last five digits (e.g. 2-2121).


Although public safety is our job, it is the responsibility of everyone at the University. Through programs of education, information, and active police and security presence we endeavor to ensure that students, faculty, and staff are free from safety distractions so that they may learn, teach, and conduct research.

Creative and informative crime prevention, fire prevention, and international travel safety programs, which are available on this site, represent efforts to provide a customer service to meet contemporary needs. We welcome the opportunity to serve as well as receive suggestions from members of the community.

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Protect Yourself and Your Property

New gadgets and gifts may attract the attention of thieves who may target campus, and the surrounding areas, because they know students have returned for class after the holidays. Keep the following safety tips in mind:

Be Aware.
Turn your music down when walking and look up from your phone screen. Or even better, put your device away. Being aware, and showing others that you are aware, could make the difference.

Don't be an easy target.
Criminals look for an easy mark, people who look distracted. Walk confidently and with purpose.

Be Unflashy.
Be inconspicuous with your new gadgets and expensive gifts. Keep expensive items and gadgets out of view from the windows. This goes for your car as well.

Choose Your Safety Over Your Device.
Replacing a smartphone is about $200. Your safety is worth more. Don't fight back or refuse when someone armed demands your wallet, your phone, or your book bag.

Secure doors and windows.
Keep doors and windows locked even when you are in your apartment or house.

Trust your instincts.
If someone or something makes you uneasy, avoid the person or situation. Do not be polite, flee the situation and call the police immediately.

Report suspicious activity.
If you notice suspicious activity report it to OSUPD at 614-292-2121.

Use university resources.
Student Safety Services provides escorts to students, faculty, and staff after dark. Call 612-292-3322 to request an escort. CABS offers late-night weekend service on the East Residential Route:

The Ohio State University Police Division Earns CALEA Accreditation

The Ohio State University Police Division (OSU PD) has earned accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA). CALEA accreditation confirms that OSUPD is meeting internationally recognized best practices of law enforcement agency standards. CALEA assessed OSU PD on programs and standards developed specifically for the college/university environment.

Of the approximately 680 law enforcement agencies serving colleges and universities nationwide, only 59 of them are accredited, putting OSU PD among the less than 10 percent of these agencies that have been recognized as meeting internationally recognized standards for law enforcement in the college/university environment.

Please click here for the full media release and contact information.

$8,000 Reward Offered in OSU Campus Threats

Central Ohio Crime Stoppers is teaming up with The Ohio State University and Campus Crime Stoppers in offering a reward of up to $8,000 in the recent series of cyber-threats received on the OSU campus. Early on the morning of April 2nd, it was reported that an unknown suspect posted threats of violence against students on numerous websites, including online gaming sites. Police at OSU indicate that the threats included mass shootings in cafeterias as well as bombs being placed at undisclosed locations on the OSU campus.

Please click here for the full media release and contact information.

The Ohio State University Police Division Participates in CALEA Accreditation Process

The Ohio State University Police Division is pursuing accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. CALEA accreditation confirms that OSU PD is meeting internationally recognized best practices of law enforcement agency standards.

"We firmly believe that CALEA accreditation will enhance the professional reputation of our agency, increase public trust and assure The Ohio State University community that our Division of Police is constantly working to provide the highest level of service to the university community," said Ohio State University Police Chief Paul Denton.

Please click here for the full media release and contact information.

Campus Public Safety Notices

The Campus Public Safety Notice ("Notice") is provided to give students, faculty and staff timely notification of crimes that may present a threat to the campus community and to heighten safety awareness. In general, criminal suspects are unknown to the victims. However, in the instance of a violent crime occurring between two individuals who know each other, University Police will look at each instance to determine if the suspect poses a continued threat to the campus community and issue a warning where necessary. The Notice also seeks information that may lead to arrest and conviction of the offender when violent crimes against persons or major crimes against property have been reported to the police.

Ohio State University Police are responsible for a Public Safety Notice when a crime is reported to or brought to the attention of the Ohio State University Police, and that crime represents a threat to the safety of members of the campus community. Information for alerts also comes from other law enforcement agencies or other offices. Every attempt will be made to distribute the Notice within 12 hours of the time the incident is reported; however, the release is subject to the availability of accurate facts concerning the incident. Notices are distributed to on-campus offices, residence halls and libraries, off-campus businesses, on- and off-campus postings and the Internet.

To register to receive Public Safety Notices, go to

Annual Security Report and Annual Fire Safety Report - Clery Act

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act report for The Ohio State University has been released. The report is available here Annual Security Report and Annual Fire Safety Report or as a PDF download Annual Security Report and Annual Fire Safety Report (PDF).

Copies of this annual report may be printed in PDF format from the OSU Department of Public Safety web site or requested from the following offices: University Police, The Department of Public Safety, The Office of Student Life, The Office of Student Judicial Affairs or The Office of Human Resources.

Preventing Thefts from Autos

Safety Tip from The Ohio State University Police Division: Preventing Thefts from Autos

Criminals often roam parking lots and streets looking to steal items from vehicles. They utilize the "smash and grab" technique: smashing a window and grabbing the items of value from the car. This process takes no more than a matter of seconds. When possible, take your valuables with you. Laptop computers, purses, briefcases, cell phones and other small electronics are easy and popular targets for thieves. If you must leave valuables in your car, secure them out of sight in a locked compartment or trunk.

Computer and Internet Safety Tips

Please see the following document for some ideas on how to protect yourself on the Internet and while using computers.

Computer and Internet Safety Tips (PDF).