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Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990 (Clery)

View the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report as a PDF

The Department of Education has a deadline of October 15 to report Clery statistics to their online data collection system. Please note that several statistics were revised on October 15 based on subsequent guidance from the Department of Education and to correct clerical error.

Safety Information

Crime Related News

Please view our Crime Prevention Video series.

Information for Faculty and Staff: Dealing with disruptive/distressed individuals

Dealing with Disruptive and/or Distressed Individuals

The attached brochure presents information for faculty and staff on dealing with disruptive/distressed individuals in the classroom or office setting. It was prepared with the combined expertise of University Police, Student Judicial Affairs and Counseling and Consultation Services. A presentation on this topic is available. For information on this or other Safety Programs contact:
Officer Anna Stephenson (

Theft Prevention

Protect your valuables with ultraviolet invisible marking as part of Student Affairs Risk Assessment project to reduce theft. Its FREE. Materials for marking are available at Off Campus Student Services, Community Crime Patrol, University Police, UNITS, and University Security Services and Fire Prevention as well as your residence hall RA. Marking your property will help to establish ownership as well as promote recovery if the item is lost or stolen.

Be a partner in theft prevention.

NASFM Fire Kills!

Candles, smoking, and overloaded outlets have no place in a residence hall room. Don't try to fight a fire; sound the alarm and exit the building.

Please click here to get more information.

NOAA Tornado Season!

Spring and early summer are tornado season. A tornado warning is the sounding of an emergency siren for three minutes followed by seven minutes of silence - take cover.

  • Stay inside away from windows, mirrors and glass.
  • Find a safe place under heavy furniture for protection from falling objects; or
  • Proceed to an inside hallway or below ground level.
  • Do not use elevator.
  • Remain in a safe area for at least 10 minutes after sirens stop sounding or until "all clear" signal is given.

Prevent Crime!

  • Lock your door when you leave, even if just going down the hall. It takes a thief 10 seconds to enter an open room and remove property.
  • Do not leave messages on your door that you are away and at what time you will return.
  • Don't walk home alone at night!
  • Do not leave keys in hiding places or record your address on your key ring.
  • Do not provide personal identifying information over the phone.


  • Take your key with you whenever you leave your room.
  • Do not loan your room key to another.
  • Immediately report lost keys to the hall desk.
  • Be a community player - don't prop doors open - keep building creepers out!

What we are doing to enhance and promote your safety:

  • 24/7 card access for residence halls.
  • Security Officer random patrols in hall areas.
  • Video surveillance at some hall entrances.
  • Safety poster campaign.
  • State of the art fire and smoke detection systems.
  • Registry of personal property.
  • Passive transponder registration for bicycles.
  • Promotional safety information.
  • If you have suggestions about how we might work together for a safer living/learning environment please email Risk Assessment with your suggestion.