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The Ohio State University Department of Public Safety

Personal Safety Tips

Before leaving your campus residence for the holidays, consider a few security issues.
  • Take items of value home. Jewelry, laptops, PDAs, MP3 and similar items should not be left in your room.
  • Make sure that your room door is locked when the last roommate moves out. If your window opens, lock it.
  • Disconnect electrical extensions.
  • Keep a record of the serial number of any items of value that you decide to leave; a desktop computer for example.
  • Do not leave any money, checks, ID or credit cards in your room.
  • If something is missing when you return, report the loss immediately to the police.

With alertness and common sense you can reduce the risk of falling victim to muggers, purse snatchers and other criminals. By following these safety tips you can help make the campus area safer for everyone. If you become a victim of crime follow these hints:
  • Remain calm. Stay in control of yourself and try not to panic.
  • Try to get a useful description of the assailant.
  • Don't resist if the only thing the assailant wants is your money or property.
  • If resistance is required, get angry! Shout at the suspect or scream for passersby.
  • Always call the police if you have been a victim of crime or witnessed a crime.
Additional information may be obtained by calling University Police at 292-2121.

Safety Links:

  • Safety on Campus - Emergency contact information and other useful tips.
  • Nigerian Fraud Letters - These emails are being sent out in various forms, asking people for personal telephone numbers and fax numbers in return for a large cash sum. Follow the link to some examples
  • Bicycle Safety - Know the rules of the road, and learn how to protect your bicycle from thieves.
  • Student Safety Escort Service - Developed by University Police for the purpose of providing safe transportation during evening and nighttime hours. Trained uniformed student employees will walk or drive students to and from the destinations within the service area.
  • Emergency Phones - These phones were installed for your protection when no officers are present.
  • Silent Witness - Created to allow anonymous report of a crime.